Fundația Județeană pentru Tineret Timiș

It’s EVS time!

It’s EVS time!


  • Do you love volunteering, discovering new cultures and values?
  • Do you love helping other people and be involved in the community?
  • Do you want to change the society and fight discrimination, social exclusion and promote human rights?


We have the answer!


Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT) is implementing a 6 month European Voluntary Service project in Timisoara, Romania, „Speak up for social inclusion!


Whats it about?


The main theme we will be addressing through this project is social inclusion and collaboration with young people with low chances and disadvantaged groups. We are aware that the social and cultural context between foreign and recipient volunteers is very different, so we want to address them by promoting diversity and multicultural learning.

We believe that young people from disadvantaged groups must see that they are not alone, and the situation may be better. This can be achieved by accepting diversity, multiculturalism and awareness of social rights and social security. Children and young people with fewer opportunities need to be motivated and encouraged to take action and take their lives in their own hands, regardless of the fact that they are excluded and discriminated against for various social, cultural or economic reasons.

The main objective of the project is to create an inclusive society to work with disadvantaged groups, to sensitize society to the social and economic problems faced by young people by promoting diversity, equality and multiculturalism.


What does this actually mean?


If you decide to go on this adventure, you will be a member of the FITT team! Everyone here is a young person, interested in improving the life of youth and offering them the best opportunities to develop personally and professionally. We focus on youth participation, local and national youth policies and on promoting the European values at local, regional and national level that are so important to youth nowadays.


What will you do here?


The projects are implemented in different ares of interest, like culture, arts, youth participation, social inclusion, volunteering, different trainings in project management, organizational development and many more. Also, we implement Erasmus+ projects, youth exchanges and training courses.

Your mobility is divied in 3 main areas of activity:


  1. The Youth House:

Together with the staff from FITT and with local volunteers we want to change the face of the Youth House and make it more youth friendly and accessible. What’s the plan? Renovating the spaces by recycling old furniture and utilities! Bring your own creativity and be free to create new stuff and leave your print on the building!

Also, we will work on renovating an entire yard in order to make it useful for outdoor activities, movie nights, theatre performances and many more!


  1. Projects in the Youth House:

Together with us, you will be part of the teams implementing and coordinating activities in the Youth House for youth from disadvantaged enviroments.

One example of a project like this is the “Cultural garage”, that aims to create an alternative space of cultural expression specially created to strengthen the activities for Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2021 and to carry out periodic cultural activities. Thus, we plan to arrange the following spaces: Art Gallery, Studio Theater Room, Summer Garden.


  • Projects in disadvantaged enviroments

These projects are carried out in the rural and small urban areas of the Timis County. The aim of these projects is to go to the young people from the whole county with activities that are not easy for them to acces and participate. From cultural, educational, social topics, we want to bring the things that we can find in the big cities, to all the young people who face obstacles in attending these kind of activities.


The Cultural Caravan: The central concept of the project is to move the cultural events from Timisoara and to take them to the villages and communes, as well as in the small towns of Timis County, with outdoor movies screenings. Through the Cultural Caravan, we want to combat the cultural disparity between Timisoara and the rest of the villages and communes in the county.


What do I search for in my neighbourghhood?: is a projects which aims at empowering youth from disadvantaged neighbourghoods to be more involved in their communities, to take initiative and to be actively involved in improving their quality of life. All the activities are based on non-formal education methods, thus teaching young people what this is and how they can acces more activities like these.



CheckArt Festival: For art and culture to become an engine of personal and social development, it must become a living element in the community. Through this carnival we aim to integrate the multicultural diversity and socio-economic situation of the city’s inhabitants in a diverse and accessible cultural and artistic offer.






The Mobile Museum: is a project that will take to rural areas, small urban areass and outskirts neighborhoods exhibitions of young artists from the whole Timis County. This creates the first framework to provide access to as many citizens as possible in the Timis County to express and promote their art through a non-conventional way. On the other side, it facilitates the acces to arts and culture for young people and not only, that don’t have the opportunities to participate as much to these kinds of activities.


I’m in! What’s the next step?

If you decide to take on this adventure for 6 months and discover a new country, a new context and most important, to discover yourself, join the team!

For more information and support in taking the next steps,  please write to us at the e-mail address [email protected] and we will help you with anything you need!